Best Virtual and Prepaid Cards for International Shoppers

Best Virtual and Prepaid Cards for International Shoppers

Prepaid cards, unlike debit cards and credit cards, have a value stored on the card. One of the advantages of using prepaid cards is that you can use it to shop online, pay for your travel fees and generally conduct all sorts of e-commerce activities where the card is acceptable. The prepaid card has seen an exponential growth due to the ease with which these cards are used to perform electronic payments.

Virtual prepaid cards are only used online for phone orders and online shopping. These are not cards that can be used physically as they are only designed for online use. They also have a 16 digit card number as well as a CVV. We shall discuss some of the best virtual and prepaid cards that can be used for international shopping. Here they are:


The Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard is a payment method that is used in over 200 countries mostly by freelancers. Personal payouts can be available on the card within 2 hours of loading it. With the Payoneer prepaid cards, one can use them at ATMs all over the world, wherever MasterCard is accepted.

Many leading corporations use Payoneer payout services to send money to their beneficiaries all over the world. These are corporations such as Amazon, Google, Upwork, Airbnb, and Getty Images among others. Holders of Payoneer prepaid cards can also use these cards for shopping online.


This is a prepaid MasterCard. This means that users of this card can use it in more than one hundred countries to do their online and offline shopping. You can buy goods and services by the use of OKPAY prepaid cards wherever MasterCard is accepted. OKPAY offers virtual cards for online shopping and plastic cards for all sorts of payments. The plastic cards will be delivered to one’s address. The OKPAY plastic cards can also be used in retail stores and also to withdraw money at ATMs.


This company offers ecoVirtualcard and ecoCard for online and offline payments respectively. There are other kinds of products offered by ecoPayz such as ecoAccount and ecoPayz Merchant Account. The ecoVirtualcard is used for online shopping only. The card expires after just one use so that the owner is able to pay for goods over the phone and online. This makes the card a secure way of making online payments without the need to worry about card security. This is possible in that personal details and financial information is not displayed during online shopping.

You can purchase this card instantly without the need for any previous bank accounts or credit checks. It is available in Euro, USD and GBP currencies.


EntroPay was launched in 2003 and can be used to shop online or over the phone, wherever Visa and MasterCard are accepted. EntroPay was the first virtual card in Europe and was specifically designed for the people who are hesitant to shop online.

One can also get an EntroPay Visa card issued by the Bank of Valletta. With EntroPay, a user can create many virtual cards in USD, GBP or EUR currencies and use this for their online shopping needs. It is also worth mentioning that one can load funds onto their EntroPay virtual cards from their other cards or bank accounts.